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I know most will not understand how i am feeling but I am so upset .If you are not a pet

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positive thoughts   in reply to karena
Hello, Some dogs will eat all day if in front of them but not all. I have a minature lab mix and she only eats when hungry. Her food bowl is always full but she only eats when she is hungry. She does walk away when there is still food remaining in her dish.
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bjctech   in reply to BaddCatt
I would love to see that. next time take a picture
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BaddCatt   in reply to bjctech
The fact that it's true, makes it not so funny!!! :)
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bjctech   in reply to BaddCatt
Hey there big BaddCatt
you are so funny, the rabbits and squirrels walk right pass him, now that's funny.
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vickie1231   in reply to karena
Lets just drop this .
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karena   in reply to vickie1231
Actually from someome whose sister is a very successful dog trainer... dogs will gprge themselves on food. If its available they will eat it regardless of.hunger. if the old man is feeding the dog enough food when he does feed him then the dog is not hurting.without food. Remember wolves dont eat.everyday.
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vickie1231   in reply to BaddCatt
Back to you... I never give any kind of treats or food to anyones dog. I just left the food at the door. It will be up to him what he feeds his dog.To Buddy treats , well wishes and prayers to you. Lets just drop this for now. Thanks enjoy your day < :
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BaddCatt   in reply to vickie1231
Hello Vicki

No, not exactly. (You're so sweet)

No, I'm saying if the dog is REALLY being mistreated, you should intervene.
(call PETA, the Humane Society, whoever) But if he seems healthy and happy, don't worry. One thing you may want to do is ask your neighbor if it's okay if you give Buddy a treat from time to time. That way, you don't have to be doing anything behind your neighbor's back. But under NO circumstances should you give him people food. Meat, yes... potatoes... NO!!!!
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vickie1231   in reply to BaddCatt
Hello Baddcatt, You are trying to tell me in a nice way to mind my own business. I can read between the lines. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you
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vickie1231   in reply to BaddCatt
MEAN and LEAN ...yes is a saying. I am not saying a fat couch potato should eat what a active dog can eat. If the mutts are worthless and under active then they have probably picked up their owners personally.The dog should have dinner every day. A low calorie diet or average portion control. Gorging and over feeding is not good for any animal or person. A small portion will keep the dog just as lean and good health as not feeding for a couple of days. Yes it is good to fast and will not hurt you . This is a choice you can make yourself . A dog can not make that choice and will not over eat on dog food. They will stop when full then you can take it away or leave it and they will come back to it when hungry. Not to say that they will not over eat on people food or treats.
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vickie1231   in reply to Redy2help
God Bless you. Thank you you your response.Your right I bet he doesn't miss a meal. I just can't stand knowing that he let him go without food. You are right he can make people food for him. Just need rice and chicken it is ok for a dog.I will be sure to leave food for his dog .He is just a selfish cruel person. To think I have helped by giving him food , Never will I talk to him or give his lazy fat ass anything. A while back he asked me for some money I said no to that. Then he said Buddy is very sick and needs to go to the Vet. I said take him and have the doctor call me and I will pay him. Needless to say I never got a call from his I think he was just playing me as a fool. You have a blessed day and thanks.
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Vickie you are not in the wrong. We all lose it for one reason or another sometime in our life. It is very sad people could do that to there animals. There all so many cruel people out there and if he don't have the money he should make his dog people food that he can buy with his link card. My best friend lana always says she likes animals better than people cause they show unconditional love for you and never judge you. Also they are helpless. I bet you be don't miss any meals. Whenever I hear about someone doing anything to a animal it is very sad. I am sorry you feel this way and I totally agree with you.
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Hi vickie1231

I'm a big animal lover, myself.

Your neighbor's statement was actually correct. A dog doesn't have to eat EVERY day and it's really best if they don't. That's actually true for humans also. A day or two fast every month or so does the body a world of good. When your neighbor said Buddy could go 3 or 4 days without eating, I don't think he was suggesting that was the case every week.
I live in a rural area. We have two dogs that were strays. When they first showed up, they were slim and could run really fast. They always chased the deer and rabbits out of the garden. But my family started feeding them on a daily basis and now they are the fattest laziest dogs I have ever seen. Rabbits and squirrels walk right in front of them without any concern at all. I still love those worthless mutts, but I seldom give them treats anymore and I wish my family members would put them on a stricter diet.

Anyway, back to Buddy. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. But if Buddy doesn't look terribly sick or malnourished, you should probably leave his care to your neighbor. If the dog has lived to be "very old" as you said, the neighbor must be doing something right. Over feeding him at this point could be bad for him.
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